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Certified Software Quality Engineer

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Professionally I design, and program, embedded system hardware/software for some of the toughest environments known to Mankind. If you saw the movie "Ladder 49", starring John Travolta,  then you have already seen some of my rugged embedded work on the big-screen. I also write and review documents for the U.S. Government from time to time, and commercial publishers.

For fun I collect Unusual Research. I also have my Amateur Radio license, participating in local RACES and Emergency Management drills and events.

To keep in shape I eat healthy, and ride my bicycle on the regional bicycle trails.

Checkout some of the interesting pictures that I have taken over the years while riding the bike trail. You never know what you might see, like the four month old Alligator, or other wild life. Maybe even take in the 2006 Pennsylvania Stone Skipping Competition, along the river trail. Check out my pictures of the event.

The series of photos below shows a Doe nursing two Fawns born a few days before these pictures where taken.

Wildlife along the bike trail:

dcp 1524

dcp 1525

dcp 1526

dcp 1527

dcp 1528

dcp 1529

dcp 1530

dcp 2118

dcp 2144

dcp 2160

Random photo from my Gallery:
Random Photo of Bob's